Technology, how it changed

Technology changes, or modifies, the natural world to meet human needs or solve problems. The goal of technology is to improve the way people live. Technology can be anything that makes life easier for humans. Fire was a breakthrough in technology that changed the human race for ever, fire provided light, cooking, and warmth. The telephone made it easier for people to communicate over long distances. Technology has changed greatly over the years.

Technology has become more compact and practical over the years. When computers were first created they were the size of a room, now they can fit in your pocket. Cars have gotten more efficient and faster. Technology in the military has also changed greatly, tanks were a big advantage on the battlefield, tanks have changed to go faster and have more armor instead of trading armor for speed. Radar made people able to detect planes from a distance without a direct line of sight, it also enabled people to “see” much farther than the human eye. Stealth technology made planes invisible to radar. Commercial travel has changed greatly. It has become safer, quicker, and more efficient. I think technology will continue to become more compact and more powerful. When I was born their was no smartphones, iPads or anything with touch screen. Now we have phones that are super thin and have the power to preform complex math equations. 



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